De anatomische preparaten van Frederik Ruysch


Vial with liquor with the head of a child, with the upperside of the scull removed.


A vial with in liquor the arm of a human foetus, holding in its hand the heart.


This tombe contains a twoheaded human foetus, with three arms and two legs.

Preparations and descriptions united after 300 years

For 300 years the world-famous Ruysch preparations have been preserved in Saint Petersburg. But do we actually know which specimens are being preserved there?

As the original descriptions made by Ruysch himself are kept in Amsterdam, we simply started matching descriptions with specimens. Join us to discover additional matching pairs. Ruysch' descriptions are available here. Photographs of his specimens, in Saint Petersburg. Here you can view a sample of succesfull matches.

about ruysch

About Ruysch

Frederik Ruysch was able to prepare a dead eight-year-old boy such that the child appeared to be sleeping. Many tried to copy his art, but he kept his recipe secret. more

his preparations

His preparations

Of the preparations that Frederik Ruysch sold to Tsar Peter the Great 916, are still intact. They have recently been photographed from different angles. On this website a small foretaste. more

his descriptions

His descriptions

Frederik Ruysch published twelve handy guidebooks to his specimen collection, one for each Cabinet or Thesaurus. His descriptions are digitally searchable here. more